Australia Then and Now with Tartarian Truthers

February 25, 2022 Conrad Season 1 Episode 112
Australia Then and Now with Tartarian Truthers
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 112 of Conrad where I interviewed the Tartarian Truthers in a wide-ranging conversation where we discussed Australia's hidden past, current Aussie challenges and the journey of personal awakening along with so much more.

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During this episode we dig into: Creating Tartarian Truthers Page, Jojo’s Journey, Casey’s Journey, Approved Australian History, Wikipedia’s Tartaria Definition, Aether, Brutalism Architecture, Buildings as Energy Conductors, Ancient Churches, Stolen History, Plot Holes in Approved Timelines, Female Factories, Gaols, Egyptian Evidence in Australia, Australia Today, Lost History,  Ships, Time Loops, Resets, Advanced Civilizations Lost to History, Dealing with Authorities, Awakening Journey, The Chase for Truth and so much MORE.

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