World Peace is Coming with Altar of Ego

April 29, 2022 Conrad Season 1 Episode 115
World Peace is Coming with Altar of Ego
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 115 of Conrad where I interviewed Twitter personality Altar of Ego (@unidentifiedta1) in a wide-ranging conversation about the Quantum Financial System, Becoming Nobody and AI.

During this episode we dig into: Elon Musk, Macro vs Micro, Societal Loops, States of Mind, Near Death Experience, The Kybalion, Personal Awakening, Digital Connections, Magnetic Field Changes, Synchronicities, Artificial Intelligence, Politics, System Changes, Silicon Valley Preppers, Quantum Truth, Erasing the Past, Inward Journey, Personal Spirituality, January 6th, Archetypes, Population Decline, Synthetic Humans, Family Unit, Reverse Psychology, Peter Thiel, Palantir, Devil/Savior Media Models, Societal Shifts, Supply Chain Change, Digital Economy, Digital Currency, XRP, San Francisco 1906, Bank of Italy, Resets, Brentwoods Conference, WW2, Simulated Events, Bitcoin, CBDC, Quantum Computing Economy, Quantum Financial System, Ark of the Covenant, Tech Philosophers, Buckminster Fuller, Inventors of Digital Currency, Losing Belief in Faulty Structures, Nobody, Light Beings and so much MORE.

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