Light Medicine with Dru (@Liiightspace)

March 04, 2021 Conrad Season 1 Episode 72
Light Medicine with Dru (@Liiightspace)
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 72 of "Conrad" where I interview Dru who is the owner of Liiightspace (@liiightspace IG) which utilizes light medicine as a form of healing and journeying for individuals which mimics many aspects of the much more known plant medicines experience.

Here are links to all the way you can connect with Dru and liiightspace to book a session!
@Liiightspace (IG)

In this episode we discuss the Liiightspace experience, Ajna Light, Pyra Light, plant medicine comparisons, perception, forms of information downloading, light as an awakening tool, synchronicities, definition of magic, Carlos Castaneda, Toltec traditions, Reiki, ancient civilizations, Ayahuasca, DMT, activation, light beings, simulation theory, concepts of time, nature and technology, PlantWave, detachment, letting go, personal journey, cycles of human history, consciousness, body/mind/spirit, Atlantis, dreams, past-life regression, galactic carnival, Quantum Earth, human to planet co-existence, human trauma CPU programs, crystals, running a conscious business with conscious methods and so much MORE.

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Interactive Episode
Lucid Sacred Dreams

Lastly, here in the link to which is the Yoga studio where Tiffany Woods created this VIDEO for me thus helping restart my yoga journey. Follow her page and please join in!

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