Fractals of Healing with Flying Buddha

June 15, 2021 Conrad Season 1 Episode 91
Fractals of Healing with Flying Buddha
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 91  of "Conrad" where I interview Flying Buddha aka @matrixpirate12 on Twitter.

During this episode we dig into: “Stoned” Buddha, Sober High, Plant Medicine, Crown Chakra, Fractals, Mirror Realm, Twitter Realm, “Shills!”, Manifestation, Thought Paradigms, “What is unity?”, Forms of Neutrality, Native American Star Dance, Star People, NASA, Root of Magic, Intent within “Reality”, Timelines, Quantum Death, Source, The Cosmic Joke, Synchronicities, Movie Life, Healing as a Path, Parenting, Flow State, Karma, Zero Point, Divine Service, Supernatural Experiences, The Great Reset, NWO, Politics, Transmutation, Loving “Villains"  and so much MORE.

If Flying Buddha resonates with you and you're interested in more of her content please follow her @matrixpirate12 on Twitter as we all find our flow state through this Multidimensional Paradise.

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