Believe or Know with Matty Boz

June 21, 2021 Conrad Season 1 Episode 92
Believe or Know with Matty Boz
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 92  of "Conrad" where I interview Hermetic Occultist and Ancestral Healer Matty Boz aka @BozWizard on Twitter. He also has a Patreon you can access by Clicking Here.

During this episode we dig into: Regression Therapy, Catholic Church, Homelessness, Peyote Spirit Quest, Mushrooms, Dead Sea Scrolls, Early Christianity, Magic, Jordan Maxwell, Message vs Messenger, Bavarian Bloodline, Lucifer, Light and Dark, Planetary Positions, Hermetic Principles, The Kybalion, Born of Spirit, Amnesia, Matrix Film, John Wick, Secret Societies, Satanism, Aleister Crowley, Perception, Balance, Occult and Esoteric Literature, Comfort Zone, “I don’t Know”, Paganism, Vatican Doctrine, Ascension of Man, Kundalini, Shadow Work, Money, Celebrities, “Literal” traps, Duality, Polarity, Incarnation Karma, Balanced Ego, Gender, Tarot, Magical Studies, Always Learning and so much MORE.

If Matty Boz resonates with you and you're interested in more of his content please follow him @BozWizard on Twitter as we all find new ways to deepen the magic of us found within.

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