Ego Wants For Self with Chris X Matt (Part 2)

June 23, 2021 Conrad Season 1 Episode 93
Ego Wants For Self with Chris X Matt (Part 2)
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 93 of "Conrad" where I interview fellow Podcaster and entertainer Chris aka @chrixmatt (Twitter) who is the host of the Chrispiracy Podcast and Over Blunt Podcast.

Part one of this episode can be found by CLICKING HERE.

During this episode we dig into: Shattering Beliefs, Control, Mind Manifestation, Unplugging, Emotional Attachments, Division, Hero Worship, Sep Eleven, Intuition, Narratives, The Moment, Detachment, Buddha, Creative Freedom, Podcasting, Religion, Reiki, Chakras, Energy, Jesus as Myth, History, Kingdom Within, Knowing Thyself, False History, Helping Others and so much MORE.

Again, if Chris resonates with you follow him on Twitter @chrisxmatt and on Instagram @chrisxmatt.

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