Trusting the Universe with Your Spiritual Locksmith

July 02, 2021 Conrad Season 1 Episode 94
Trusting the Universe with Your Spiritual Locksmith
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 94 of "Conrad" where I interview Toni aka Your Spiritual Locksmith aka @spirituallock (Twitter) who left a life of working in corporate America to chase her dreams.

During this episode we dig into: “Why Spiritual Locksmith?”, Attention of Parents, Sports Competition, Law School, Working at a Casino, Corporate Work Environment, Casino Algorithms, Las Vegas, Power of Honesty, Seeing Celebrities Twitter likes to call Fake, Stability of Work, Polygraph Tester, Seeking Truth, Mortgage Loans, Sales Culture, Economic Debt Slavery, Student Loans, Devil’s Advocate, Great Reset, Guided by God, TSA Agent, Energy Transfers, Rigged Economy, Walking away from 9-5, Lowe’s Orientation, Consumerism, Wall-E, Materialistic Voids, State of the World, Christ Consciousness, Sound Healing, Reading Energy, Digital Future, Zelda, Vulcans, Micro and Macro, Growing Forward, Trust the Universe and so much MORE.

Again, if Toni resonates with you follow her on Twitter @spirituallock.

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