Do what you love and must with Sebastián Hidalgo

July 08, 2021 Conrad Season 1 Episode 95
Do what you love and must with Sebastián Hidalgo
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 95 of "Conrad" where I interview author, martial artist and overall international man of mystery Sebastián Hidalgo aka @hidalgoauthor (Twitter).

During this episode we dig into: Leaving Venezuela, Digital ID Voting, Technology Abuse, Social Credit Scores, Earth at a Crossroads, Crypto, Uni-bomber, Waco, MK Ultra, Being Present, Moving to Italy, Traveling and Perspective, Martial Arts, Venezuela Today, Sebastian’s Father, Statism Corruption, Nazi’s and Argentina, Creative Process, Ideas, Publishing a Book, Family Support for Art, Discipline, Art as Business, 21st Century Renaissance, Forced Diversity, Social Media Fallacies, Malcolm X, Dreaming Big and so much MORE.

Again, if Sebastian Hidalgo resonates with you then follow him on Twitter @hidalgoauthor, go through his LinkTree to find his podcast and writings. Join in on the blooming renaissance you wacky free-thinking artisans of truth and change.

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