Kundalini Rising Three

August 08, 2021 Conrad Season 1 Episode 97
Kundalini Rising Three
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 97 of "Conrad" where we go on a journey together through different dimensions of perspective through the voices of former guests combined with music in this special compilation episode. If any of these guest's voice intrigues you I suggest checking out their social media and episode with number listed below.

During this episode you will here the following voices in order of appearance:
@ayz (Twitter/Ayz) EP 75
@herecomestroublexo (IG/Kara Mosher) (Audio via Let's Be Friends Podcast)
@northernandrew_ (Twitter/A True Anarchist) EP 85
@theartofwellthpodcast (IG/Michele B.) EP 80
@extracapsa (Twitter/Brother Berg) EP 84
@jessisdoingit (IG/Jessi Bostic) EP 90
@nickhintonn (Twitter/Nick Hinton) EP 79
@chrisxmatt (Twitter/Chris Matt) EP 93
@wokewithkels (Twitter/Question Everything Podcast) EP 81
@devine.healing (IG/Adrianna Devine) EP 96
@bozwizard (Twitter/Matty Boz) EP 92
@di2122 (Twitter/Phoenix Rising) EP 88
@mic89356436 (Twitter/Michelangelo) EP 87
@matrixpirate12 (Twitter/Flying Buddha) EP 91
@the_spiritual_nomad (IG/Spiritual Nomad) EP 86
@nextlevelshittt (Twitter/Next Level) EP 82
@homewreckerpod (Twitter/Monique and Alex) EP 77
@spirituallock (Twitter/Toni) EP 94
@hidalgoauthor (Twitter/Sebastián Hidalgo) EP 95

Music was pulled from Pixabay with free for use rights by the following artists:
Beach Vibes
John Sib
Jorik Basov
Julius H
Sapoaura Music
Victoria Borodinova

Personal Links
@conradg315 (Instagram)
@powerofnow888 (Instagram)
@conradg315 (Twitter)
Interactive Episode
Lucid Sacred Dreams


Also, here are links to some recent interviews where I was the guest on other podcasts:

Youtube Interview with Homewrecker Podcast
Youtube Interview with Kara Mosher
Youtube Interview with Sebastian Hidalgo

Intro/Outro music is a lifetime licensed product for the Conrad Podcast from and is called “Prepare Yourself” by Moments.