Trauma and Healing with Mindfulness Veterans

August 12, 2021 Conrad Season 1 Episode 98
Trauma and Healing with Mindfulness Veterans
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 98 of "Conrad" where I interview military combat veteran, shamanic ceremony healer and plant medicine expert Jay who is the founder of Mindfulness Veterans.

During this episode we dig into: Afghanistan, Out of body Near Death Experience, Wounded in Battle, Pineal Gland, Feeling everyone’s Emotions, Mental Health, Pill Addiction, Dealing with Trauma, Suicidal Thoughts, Ayahuasca , DMT, Ancient Sound/Vibration Healing, Yoga, Psychedelic Breath-work, Gut Health, Military Mantras, Trauma Rewiring, Depression States, Self Healing, Leading Ceremony, Beings of Energy, Animals Vibrations, Christ Consciousness, 144 and so much MORE.

Again, if Jay resonates with you then follow him on Instagram @mindfulness_veterans, visit his website and/or physically join him at one of the healing ceremony he leads. Now is the time for action in a hurting world in need of a healing resonance vibrations on all levels of consciousness.

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