Darkness and the Light with Nicole Morales

August 17, 2021 Conrad Season 1 Episode 99
Darkness and the Light with Nicole Morales
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 99  of "Conrad" where I interviewed Reiki practitioner, podcast host (Healing with Nicole) and future published author Nicole Morales aka @healwithnicole (Twitter) aka @healing.with.nicole_ (IG).

During this episode we dig into: Tarot, Synchronicities, Need for Control, Personal Experiences, Mushrooms, Reiki, Consciousness Flow, Fear Totems, Jesus the Magician, Portals in Hands, Learning from Relatives, Dealing with Death, Shroom Entities, Team of Ancestors, Ancestral Work, Spirit Animals, Stranger Synchronicities, Art and Creativity, External vs Internal, Church Experiences, Catholic Confession, Humanity as Cattle, Overcoming Fear, Freedom Within, Solitary Confinement, Mind Magic, Clean Water, Father escaping Communism, Empowering People, Cuba, Nicaragua, Being Strategic, Writing a Book, Different Timelines and so much MORE.

Again, if Nicole resonates with you then follow her on Instagram and Twitter, check out her podcast and Linktree and if you're feeling really connected to her then definitely book a Reiki session at her website

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