Just Be... You

August 26, 2021 Season 1 Episode 100
Just Be... You
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 100  of "Conrad" where I take the helm of my podcast ship and present a solo episode where I reflect on reaching this point in the journey. Also, I discuss  how I understand the world we are currently encompassing. Lastly, I read a chapter from my next book, "Button Pushers" which is set to be released in December (2021).

During this episode we dig into what I now see as truth, becoming who you are meant to be, dealing with your shadow, coming face to face with an unhealthy ego, the role and reality of karma, the cosmic joke, how not to get stuck into statism, challenging yourself just to be in the moment, recognizing what the moment encompasses, all things creativity and art and so much MORE.

The second half of this episode is where I read a chapter from my new book. It is one of the one-off philosophical dive chapters where I leave the narrative of the story and focus on ideas about our reality construct. I hope you enjoy. But, "Button Pushers" is also the sequel to "Lucid Sacred Dreams" so I encourage you to buy that book before December. Because there is a narrative in the book too:)

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