Fearless and Flowing with Matrix Assassins

September 15, 2021 Conrad Season 1 Episode 102
Fearless and Flowing with Matrix Assassins
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 102  of "Conrad" where I interviewed the two co-hosts of MATRIX ASSASSINS Podcast VLow and Nicole aka Nicole and VLow. Follow them on IG @matrixassassins and @matrix_assassin_nicole or Twitter @matrix_assassin_nicole  and @icoleassassin.

During this episode we dig into: Podcasting inside the Matrix, Origins of Matrix Assassins, Handling this Moment, Simps, Dharma, Nature of Reality, Rorschach of Experience, Saving Yourself, Going Within, Detoxing, Loops of Reality, TikTok Trauma, VLOW’s Tweets, Gut Health, Quality Water, Removing Metals, Fasting, Forms of Spirituality, Chasing Creativity, Florida Today, Dealing with Sickness, Nuance, Sobriety, Hacking the Matrix, Speaking without Fear, Breaking Programs, De-Conditioning, Doing the Things you Love, Action Steps, Where are we Headed?, and so much MORE. (Neigh Neigh De-wormer)

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