Soul Song with Kara Mosher

October 10, 2021 Conrad Season 1 Episode 104
Soul Song with Kara Mosher
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 104  of "Conrad" where I had a fun conversation with the host of the "Let's be Friends Podcast" Kara Mosher aka @herecomestroubleXO on Instagram and @karaHelenMosher on Twitter.

Part one of our conversation can be found on her podcast, "Let's be Friends" by clicking on either of the two links below:

During this episode we dig into: Borg Collective, Black Cube of Saturn, Uniqueness, Social Media Trap, Ayahuasca, Consciousness Tricks, Personal Power, Sovereignty, Vampire Mythos, Indigenous Thoughts, Intent, Team Human, Creative Truth, Uniform of Identity, Garden of Eden, MK Ultra, Soul to Soul, Hawaii Today, Flame of Truth, Neural Link, Transhumanism, Absolutes, Graphene, Frequencies, Vibration, Tech Reliance, Jame Bond Film, Poisoning Humanity, What this Realm is, Heaven/Hell/Earth, Astral Projection, Cycles of Reality, Giving up your Life, Jesus Thoughts, Scripts of Manifestation, 10-10 Trip, Spirit Guides and so much MORE.

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