Trauma Cycles with Light Prism

December 14, 2021 Conrad Season 1 Episode 106
Trauma Cycles with Light Prism
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 106  of "Conrad" where I interviewed writer and first time guest who goes by Light Prism (@lightprism7) on twitter. You can find all of his original articles at his website

During this episode we dig into: Trump, Germany, Personal Awakening, Projections, Big City Life, Reconnecting to Nature, Leaving Germany, South America, Spiritual Community, Traumas, Digital vs Hands on Reality, Fragmentation, Twin Flames, Time Lines, Garden of Eden, Reincarnation, Archetypes, Divine Timing, Allowing Emotions, Cycles of Insanity, Hell States, Christianity, Matrix Extreme Choices, Going Within, Karmic Storylines, External Savior, Life Force, “Who Was Jesus?”, 5D Consciousness, Chakra System, Energy Flow, Sexual Trauma, Past Life Regression, Neural Link, Metaverse, Organic, Testosterone, Porn, Releasing Expectations, Mother Mary, Unification, New Systems and so much MORE.

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