Holographic Trip with Mystic Madhouse

December 23, 2021 Conrad Season 1 Episode 107
Holographic Trip with Mystic Madhouse
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 107  of "Conrad" where I interviewed artist and clothing designer Summer who goes by @mystic.madhouse on Instagram.

During this episode we dig into: Group Meditation, Creative Projects, Subjective Reality, Authenticity, Hedonistic Hawaii, 5D New Age Backlash, Christian Mafia Truthers, 17 Gang, Technocratic States, Trends, Metaverse, Movement, Former Liberal, Former Republican, Conspiracy as Hollywood Entertainment, Domestic Statism Abuse, The Middle Way, Demonizing Tech, Good versus Evil, Reincarnation, Holographic Reality, Being Deliberate, Attention, Self Awareness, Characters on the Journey, Deprogramming, Patterns, Eternal Essence, Turning Point, Holographic Reality, Kundalini Energy, Jesus and Alcohol, Gnostics, Bible, Labyrinth, Indigenous Cultures, Guam, True Forgiveness, Tartarian History, Future of Work, WEF Tag Lines, Land being Alive, Mauna Kea, Flood Myths and so much MORE.

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