Best Apocalypse Ever with James True

January 17, 2022 Conrad Season 1 Episode 109
Best Apocalypse Ever with James True
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 109  of Conrad  where I interviewed James True who is an Author, Podcast Host, and Hermetic deep-diver into all topics here on Dojo Earth.

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During this episode we dig into: Web 3.0, Currency, DAO, Iroquois Confederacy, Sovereignty, IRS, The purpose of America, Seagulls and Eagles, Slavery, Natural Law, Hermetics, I AM, Reincarnation, Virtue Economy, Fashion, Best Apocalypse Ever, Wars, Mandates, Victimhood, Hypothetical Morality, Reset Events, Two Towers, New York City, Bureaucracy, White Wizardry, MetaVerse, Computers, Consciousness, Mentalism, Vibration, Triangle, Amnesia, Salt, Omniscience, Bones and Graveyards, Psych Wards, Ectoplasm, Resonance, Tonga Tsunami, Esoteric Myths, Fractals, A Deep Dive into EGO and so much MORE.

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