Canada and Sovereignty with Stu Murray

January 28, 2022 Conrad Season 1 Episode 110
Canada and Sovereignty with Stu Murray
Show Notes

Aloha friends and welcome to EPISODE 110  of Conrad  where I co-hosted with Kelsey Bradley who is  one half of the "Other Side of the Rail Podcast" as we both interviewed Activist for Humanity Stu Murray about the Canada Trucker Convoy, fired for mandates, chasing sovereignty and so much MORE.

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During this episode we dig into: Canadian Trucker Convoy, Controlled OP?, Prime Minister, Teaching in Bureaucracy, Mandates, Consequences, Social Services Segregation, Why Stu Began to Speak Out, Socialism versus Abundance, Canadian Way, WEF Tricks, Think Globally/Act Locally, Was Alberta Real?, Getting Fired, Narratives, Bureaucratic Compliance, Chain of Command, Education and Children, Stu’s Spiritual Journey, Fear of Death, No Fear of Death, Eternal Journey, Information Overload, Detachment, Technocracy, Political Characters, Sovereignty, Bartending, Psychedelic Journeys, Experiencing Oneness, Mirrored Reality, Gravity, Medicinal Truffles, Canada in Six Months, Growing Food and so much MORE.

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